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Secretlab Titan Review: Uber Comfortable Gaming Chair



Is the Secretlab Titan gaming chair worth buying?

Is the Secretlab Titan gaming chair worth buying?

Is the Secretlab Titan a good gaming chair? Yes. Is the Secretlab Titan chair comfortable? Yes. Can the Titan help you be a better gamer? Probably.

After putting the Secretlab Titan gaming chair through the paces in a game room where I play way too much PUBG and got addicted to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout and then bringing it into my home office, I found that it’s an incredibly comfortable chair.

In addition to great build quality, the Secretlab Titan chair offers an impressive amount of customization that makes it possible to get a comfortable position when you are leaning into gaming, sitting upright to work or leaning back to relax.


Another thing that drew me to the Secretlab Titan gaming chair is that it is designed with bigger users in mind. I’m about 6 ft and 229 pounds, which means many office chairs aren’t incredibly comfortable or long lasting.

The Secretlab Titan is designed for users between 5’7″ and 6’4″ and up to 290 pounds. It’s comfortable for working from during the day, and I love how much I can adjust the armrests so they offer a little support, but are never bumping into my desk or getting in the way of using my mouse.

When it’s time to play games on the Xbox One X in a game room, the Titan is way better than sitting on the couch for any intense game. Before I got the Secretlab Titan, I would often sit on the edge of my couch leaning forward, which grows uncomfortable over time.

With the Titan I can sit more upright, move myself to the perfect distance from the screen and on some occasions adjust the recline to move it forward so that I’m leaning into the game. Will the Titan make a better gamer? Not on it’s own, but like a Scuff or an Elite Controller it can up your game. Specifically it’s going to keep you more comfortable so you can game longer with less thought on how you are sitting or your comfort and more thought on gaming better.

I’ve seen gaming chairs like the Titan used in many office setups and gaming setups, but it’s not just for use at a desk. I found that using it in a living room or gaming room setup is a major upgrade. It gets me closer to the screen and is more comfortable for long gaming sessions than the Sumolounge Omni Plus,

The Titan gaming chair features a wide padded base that is more than wide enough for me. It is slightly bolstered on the base like a sport car seat, but it’s not narrow and confining like many racing seats. The back of the chair is also bolstered, but plenty wide for bigger users. The lumbar support is easy to adjust and placed just right vertically. The base is padded and comfortable, but it is a very firm seat, so if you like sitting on fluffy chairs, this is not for you. The PU leather material is comfortable to sit on and lean against, and even in use during hot summers in Ohio I didn’t overheat.

The armrests are adjustable in four ways. This makes it easy to slide all the way up to a desk, which is how I prefer to sit while typing all day long. You can adjust the armrests up, down, front to back and even angle them in or out. Perfect for transitioning from working at a desk to playing a game. When I’m gaming on a TV I tend to move the armrests forward and then angle them in so I can use them for support.

While any office chair leans back, the Secretlab Titan actually reclines. There’s a small lever on the right side of the chair that lets you recline the back and you can also use the tilt for an epic recline that’s perfect for a quick nap or just taking a relaxing break when you need to clear your mind. The armrests don’t raise up when you title and recline, so you can even do this right at the edge of a desk. The first time you recline you’ll think you are going to fall over, but the chair is incredibly well balanced and will keep you in place. It’s the perfect time to use the included head pillow.

The Titan is comfortable, plenty large and I love the recline option.

The Titan is comfortable, plenty large and I love the recline option.

The main up and down adjustments are smooth and easy to operate even when tilted. You can lock in the tilt and the recline so that you can dial in the optimum comfort.

The Titan ships in a few pieces and you can assemble it yourself or with the help of another person in about 15 minutes. It’s simple enough that anyone can do it, and once assembled it is very sturdy. It’s a hefty chair, but I am still able to move it between my office and a downstairs gaming room fairly easily. Long term I’d recommend picking a place or getting a second one.

While it is a gaming chair, it’s not screaming look at me like many gaming chairs. The Stealth features gold and white logos that can easily blend into an office. You can opt for Amber, Ash or Black for the same price or pre-order special editions from Temp or Team Secret for $20 more.

Secretlab sells the Titan for $399, a discount of $101 off the list price and includes free shipping. There is a $899 Navy NAPA leather option if you prefer real leather.



  1. Chais Advisor

    04/23/2019 at 1:39 am

    This gaming chair is look nice, I try to find best chair and this one may be right for me. Thanks

  2. Victor

    08/28/2019 at 3:29 am

    This chair looks quite sturdy and classy. I would love to buy this gaming chair. Will I get sweat patches during the summer while sitting on this chair?

  3. Billy Shouse

    09/29/2019 at 8:05 am

    Who can confidently pick the best product among those listed on this site?

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