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Short Video Tips for Tablet PCs



Jim Vanides from HP has started posting some short video clips aimed at showing educators what the Tablet PC platform can do to help them in the classroom. These are great videos for everyone, not just educators. The first tip on annotating with PowerPoint is an excellent tutorial for anyone who wants a short, compelling demo for their Tablet PC. In less than 2 minutes you can make most business professionals, educators, and students all say "wow!".

Tablet PC Tip #1 – Annotating PowerPoint

Tablet PC Tip #2: MS Journal – Better than PowerPoint?

Tablet PC Tip #3 – Save Time with Digital Homework Markups

Despite being focused on educators, these videos make an excellent tutorial for how to demo a Tablet PC to various types of audiences. I learned something from each one. Even if you think you know what he’s showing, it can be so helpful to see someone else’s perspective.

via The Tablet PC Education Blog

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