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shot, edited and uploaded on XOOM



I received a Motorola XOOM recently to review and must admit I am quite enamoured. In this world of overly critical Tablet awareness it is easy to suggest that when it’s not an iPad (2) it’s not good. Frankly however I’ve been in the Tablet game long enough to know that consumers will be fickle with their spending, especially when it comes to consumer electronics, so I avoid killing off a device instantly.

With regards to the XOOM here are some points I like:

  • Screen quality (touch) is greatXOOM ports in a silly location
  • Battery life is above what I expected
  • Quality of build is slightly above what I expected
  • Multi-tasking, and speed of processor is exceptional
  • Connectivity is both easy and stable (Wi-Fi and 3G)
  • Gmail (and “G” products in general) integration (especially Google+ bits)

 Some brief thoughts on what I don’t like:

  • The quality of the rear facing camera is not great (especially the flash has that “make sure everyone is squinting effect” when in use.)
  • Ports are in an absolutely awful location (stupid when charging the unit also obstructs it from being oriented correctly on a simple desk stand (see picture)

I’m looking forward to receiving the Samsung Galaxy Tab (10”) in the coming week and this will help me understand the XOOM more completely. Ultimately Honeycomb (version 3.1) is very reliable and easy to use – and a huge leap from earlier Android versions.

Below is a video I shot with my son. The point of the video is not my son, or the video itself, but moreover the value proposition which Tablets present. It was shot, edited and uploaded within a 60 minute timeframe and highlights the Tablets effectiveness. In speaking with a friend of mine (@Chippy) he tells me the 7-minutes it took to render this 2-minute video is a lot worse than an Ipad (which would do it in seconds do to H/W encoding) but it’s not too bad overall. I found the experience quite useable given the video has several clips, photos, transitions and a title used in it.

Over the last decade I have constantly been asked “why should I get a Tablet” or “what can I do on a Tablet that I can’t do on a notebook”. In this scenario I used a default XOOM, with default settings and default software to shoot, edit and upload a video. I think it’s a priceless reminder of why I love technology and the positive and empowering effects it can have on our life.

shot, edited, uploaded on Motorola XOOM

XOOM video

Let me know how you use your Tablets? What you think of the Android Tablets vs. iPads, and what you’d like me to test on the XOOM.




  1. Alain Chappaz

    07/12/2011 at 1:41 pm

    Hugo, you’ve hit on one of the main selling points of these newfangled tablets. They may or may not offer a lot of depth, but they allow quite a bit of convenience. I was, for instance, quite pleased with the Blogger app on Android. Once your account is configured, mobile blogging is an absolute snap. Sure, there are lots of ways to do it, but fast and easy usually wins my vote !

    • Hugo Gaston Ortega

      07/12/2011 at 11:46 pm

      Thanks Alain for the comment. I think you’re right too…ultimately it’s the convenience and the dynamic flexibility. That’s why the buzz word “convergence” has been around for so long too. I haven’t tried the Blogger App but will do today. Thanks for the tip! 

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