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Should I Buy the Galaxy Note 2 or Wait for the Galaxy Note 3?



The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch date is close enough that we’re hearing consumers ask whether it’s smart to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 right now or simply wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 arrive.

Those questions have begun heating up over the past few months as Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumors have emerged from the shadows ahead of its September 4th launch date, a launch date that is now set in stone thanks to a Samsung executive and thanks to the company’s very obvious Unpacked invitation.

With a launch date now set in stone, consumers are rightfully beginning to wonder whether it’s simply best to wait for the Galaxy Note 3 instead of buying the Galaxy Note 2, Samsung’s Galaxy Note model from last year and a device that remains one of the best smartphone options on the table today.

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This is how the Galaxy Note 2 could stack up compared to the Galaxy Note 3.

This is how the Galaxy Note 2 could stack up compared to the Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy Note 2 prices are extremely low at the moment and the device, with its still relevant hardware and upcoming Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update are likely tempting to those that need a smartphone this moment. There are also concerns about when the Galaxy Note 3 might hit the United States as the Galaxy Note 2 did not arrive until late October last year and didn’t hit Verizon until November 29th.

Even without a release date, now is the time to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 before buying a new Galaxy Note 2 or any other large screened smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 release date rumors suggest that the device could be hitting shelves in late September which means that it could only be 15-20 days before the device goes up for pre-order and around 30 before it hits shelves. This is not long to wait at all considering most Galaxy Note 3 buyers will keep the phone for two years.

At this point, it’s worth borrowing a phone for a few weeks and wait for the Galaxy Note 3, even if you wind up buying the Galaxy Note 2 in the end. And here’s exactly why that is.

Wait for the Galaxy Note 3

Release is Close

Those concerned about a Galaxy Note 3 release in the United States need to simmer down. The device is currently pegged for an arrival on September 27th in Taiwan, a country that is often among the first to get Galaxy device. The United Kingdom has also been pegged for a late September release date as well. And given how soon Samsung issued the Galaxy S4 in the U.S., it’s hard to imagine a Galaxy Note 3 hitting shelves in late October or late November.

Instead, Samsung will likely close the gap between launch and release, well, at least for carriers not called Verizon. Bottom line is, with a launch within days and a release likely coming in the next few weeks, it’s best to sit back and wait.

Need more convincing?

Better Display

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is all but confirmed to have a better display than the Galaxy Note 2. While the Galaxy Note 2 sports 720p resolution, the Galaxy Note 3 will almost certainly have support for 1080p which will be full HD content, something that is key for an all-consuming device like the Galaxy Note 3.

The Galaxy Note 3 design could feature thinner bezels like the Galaxy S4 to stay with a similar size.

We should see a 1080p display arrive on the Galaxy Note 3.

One of the most attractive things about the Galaxy Note is the screen real estate. It allows users to comfortably watch a movie or video, play a game, or even get some work done on the train ride home. With the bump up to 1080p, video, photos, text, and more will look absolutely gorgeous.

The Galaxy Note 2 display is good, but the Galaxy Note 3 display is going to be better, something that should spurn buyers into waiting for the device’s arrival.

Better Camera

Samsung didn’t do much with the Galaxy Note camera from original Galaxy Note to Galaxy Note 2 which was fine, in 2012. 2013 has ushered in a new era of mobile camera, an era where photos taken in noisy and low-light environments look better than ever. And it’s pretty clear that Samsung is going to outfit the Galaxy Note 3 camera that is befitting of this new age.

Expect an improved camera with supporting software.

Expect a better camera on the Galaxy Note 3.

Rumors insist on a 13MP camera sensor at the very least though there is now talk of a 4K video recording. What’s clear is that the Galaxy Note 3 camera should be better than the cameras on the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 2, something that should be of importance to those that like taking pictures of family and friends or filming special occasions.

Better Processor

The Galaxy Note 3 will almost assuredly have a Snapdragon 800 processor on board here in the United States. The Galaxy Note 2 has a solid Exynos 4 quad-core processor on board, but there are a bunch of reasons why the Snapdragon 800 is going to clobber the processor in the Galaxy Note 2.

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As we’ve pointed out, the Snapdragon 800 offers a number of potential game changing features including faster charging, optimized battery life, higher performance for things like gaming and multitasking, and faster LTE and faster Wi-Fi.

We expect a device that delivers better performance, something that is essential for a powerful on-the-go device like the Galaxy Note.

Better Software

We still aren’t sure what will be on the Galaxy Note 3 in terms of TouchWiz software, Android 4.3 does seem to be destined to be on board, but Samsung always adds new features to its user interface and buyers can expect the device to have improved software over the Galaxy Note 2.

The Galaxy S4 ushered in a new camera features, touch less gestures and more and we could see Samsung focus on the Galaxy Note’s multitasking and S Pen applications, two hallmarks of the device.

Better S Pen

Samsung’s developer conference suggests that the company will be introducing new S Pen features with the Galaxy Note 3. The S Pen of course is the bundled stylus that the Galaxy Note is heavily reliant upon.

The device is rumored to have an upgraded S Pen.

The Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to have an upgraded S Pen.

The Galaxy Note 2’s S Pen experience is good but we expect the Galaxy Note 3 to take it to a whole other level as the company looks to distance the phone from its competitors and from the Galaxy S4 which now includes Galaxy Note-like features such as Air View.

Design Tweaks

We’ve seen the Galaxy Note 3 front plate leak out and while it appears that it will have a different design, we don’t expect it to be completely overhauled. What this means is that it could be tweaked, maybe a thinner frame, but buyers can expect the same type of perks like removable battery and microSD card slot.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 compared to the best smartphones of 2013.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 compared to the best smartphones of 2013.

We’re also hearing that the device may come in 32GB form, something that the Galaxy Note 2 does not offer in the U.S. If true, it could mean a $299.99 32GB Galaxy Note 3 instead of a $299.99 16GB Galaxy Note 2.

Same Carriers

Plain and simple, the Galaxy Note 3 will be coming to the same carriers as the Galaxy Note 2. This isn’t confirmed but the writing is on the wall. Carriers have had great success with these devices and given AT&T, Sprint, U.S. Cellular, T-Mobile and Verizon all committed to the Galaxy S4, it would be shocking to see them pass up Samsung’s other big name device.

So no advantage here for the Galaxy Note 2 either.

Buy the Galaxy Note 2


There are a few reasons why buyers might end up wanting to buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 but not many. The first reason is due to the Galaxy Note 2’s price tag. The device is already heavily discounted through retailers like Amazon and it will likely see a price drop through carriers like Verizon once the Galaxy Note 3 arrives.

The Galaxy Note 2's only real strength at this point is its price. And even that is flimsy.

The Galaxy Note 2’s only real strength at this point is its price. And even that is flimsy.

The Galaxy Note 3 will see some deals after launch but it’s still going to be a lot more expensive than the Galaxy Note 2 is in September, October, November and so on.

Final Thoughts

At this point, it’s nearly impossible to recommend buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The device is great but the Galaxy Note 3 should improve on it in just about every area including hardware and software.

Furthermore, the device should get software updates for a year longer than the Galaxy Note 2 and it should also see its price start to decrease into more affordable levels during the holidays which will hurt the biggest selling point that the Galaxy Note 2 will have to offer.

At the very least, wait for the Galaxy Note 3’s September 4th launch and if it’s not suitable, pick up a cheap Galaxy Note 2.



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      08/29/2013 at 10:39 pm

      My friend step brother in laws sister will punch you in the mouth.

  2. Note Lover

    08/29/2013 at 5:52 pm

    I can’t wait! I’ll be a justifiable upgrading from my Note 2!!!

  3. keith

    08/30/2013 at 12:48 am

    In regards to discounted on Amazon, verified on 8/30 , only the international Note 2s are. The US carriers are still $700 and haven’t dropped a penny if you try get it from the carrier themselves.

  4. Llano

    08/30/2013 at 7:07 am

    My friend of a friend will take your $63 per hour and donkey punch you for free.
    Say what what

  5. WhatchettB

    08/30/2013 at 9:52 am

    There’s a big disconnect in the proper advice for tech-geeks and non-tech-geeks here. This is certainly for the former. As somebody who is completely satisfied by the Note II’s features; I’ll point out that you don’t know any of the certain/specific upgrades coming in areas that you give the Note II high-marks for, but then you recommend (a.) waiting (b.) spending more money.

    The Note II is an awesome device and I’d recommend it to anybody who is currently in the market & not obsessed with stigma surrounding the ‘latest and greatest’. But, hey. I don’t live in San Francisco.

  6. Marc Lee

    08/30/2013 at 10:40 am

    If you have to ask the question you should buy the Note 2, as you are obviously not bright enough to appreciate the differences!

  7. Upgrade every other year

    08/31/2013 at 5:50 am

    Galaxy notes biggest improvements will be the even number releases as the galaxy S is the odd number releases. So going from a note 2 to a note 3 is a huge waste of money. If you are concerned with budget than the 2 will drop in price when the 3 arrives.

  8. Ibrahim

    08/31/2013 at 12:59 pm

    The bad thing about the galaxy note 1 is that it looked pike a small tablet. While the galaxy note 2 has less whidth and more hight like a real NOTE phone and niw galaxy note 3 comes and increases hight I mean come on if this keeps going on we will see note 10 replaces iphone 8 s8nce iphone 10 would propably be a straight line.want my advise Buy The ULTIMATE GALAXY NOTE 2

    • Chris Siburt

      09/01/2013 at 6:44 pm

      Dude, what the hell are you talking about?

  9. bobblows

    08/31/2013 at 1:50 pm

    Galaxy note 2 all the way. Got mine for $99 at bestbuy on contract with verizon.

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