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Skip the Amazon Prime Price Increase With This Epic Trick



Amazon plans to increase the price of Amazon Prime $20 per year starting in May. You can act fast to save yourself $20 on the price of Amazon Prime for the next one to two years if you think you will use Amazon Prime for that long.

This Amazon Prime hack allows you to gift yourself Amazon Prime, which will allow you to save $20 on your renewal by gifting yourself Amazon Prime at $99 a year. This only works if you buy the Gift of Amazon Prime before the price increases on May 11 for new memberships. The renewal upcharge starts on JUne 16th.

How to Save Money & Skip the Amazon Prime Price Jump

Amazon does not let you renew Amazon Prime early to skip this price increase, and you cannot change your renewal date, but you can give yourself the gift of Amazon Prime at $99 for an annual membership. You can even choose when to have the gift of prime delivered, so you can set it up to send the email with your $99 year of Amazon Prime. Here’s how to save.

  1. Go here and buy yourself the Gift of Amazon Prime.
  2. When you are checking out set the delivery date to two days before your Amazon Prime renewal.
  3. Wait until the date arrives and you claim your gift for another year of $99 Amazon Prime.

You can check your Amazon Prime renewal date by logging into your account. Click on Accounts & Orders and then on Your Account. Click on the rectangle that says Prime. On the next screen you will see your renewal date on the Next Payment option.

Give yourself the gift of Prime and save $20.

Give yourself the gift of Prime and save $20.

When you checkout, you can choose when to send the gift of Prime and who to send it to. Currently you can choose dates up to the end of 2019. My renewal date just took place, So I can only do this one, but if your renewal is later in the year, you can use this trick twice. Just go through the process for 2018 and then for 2019.

Amazon does not prohibit you from giving yourself the gift of Amazon Prime, and if you decide in a year that you don’t want to keep Prime, you can always convert the gift into $99 of Amazon credit.

If you are paying for Amazon Prime monthly and eligible for government assistance, like EBT, you can get a reduced price Amazon Prime membership. Use this link to learn more about the discount and how to verify and sign up for Amazon Prime for $5.99 a month.

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