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SkyBet Offers Odds on iPad 3, Calls Bets Off Hours Later



With all the rumors circulating around the iPad 3, it’s no surprise that someone would offer bets on the upcoming tablet. SkyBet did just that yesterday.

The online betting service offered odds on almost every aspect of the iPad 3.

Today, however, the bets were taken offline.

SkyBet was offering a total of 14 bets based on seven features of the iPad 3.

Those placing bets could put them down for or against the following features:

  • On the new iPad being named the 2S
  • On it having a Retina Display
  • A Super AMOLED screen from Samsung
  • LTE in the US
  • NFC
  • 128GB of storage
  • Thunderbolt connectivity
  •  SD card slot

As mentioned, SkyBet has taken down the odds and the chance to bet on them after just a day. Thankfully MacRumors recorded the odds when they iPad 2 were still up there.

All bets had a limit on them for fear that insiders with information would be placing bets. MacRumors even has an extra bet listed that the SkyBet site doesn’t list. According to its list, SkyBet originally had a bet for the iPad 3 having a carbon fiber back.

Even when the bets were online, they weren’t even that great.

For example, a bet that the next iPad would definitely have a Retina Display had 1/8 odds with a max bet of £1,600. The bet would only get you $200 if you put in the maximum bet.

Or you could bet that the iPad 3 would not have an SD card slot. Those odds were 1/50 with a maximum bet of £10,000, which would also net you just £200.

All of the bets worked out that way. That most money you could win on any bet was £200. True, that’s not a small amount of money, but you’d make more money by just buying an extra iPad 3 on release and selling it on eBay a few days after when they’ll be hard to come by.

Although we don’t know everything about the iPad 3, there has been reliable information on most of the bets that SkyBet was taking. It’s not hard to imagine the bets being taken down because too many people were betting for a Retina Display and against the Samsung screen and SD card slot.

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