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Skype to Acquire Video Service Qik?



Interesting if this comes to be. Video based phone conferencing is one of those things that everyone hopes will be the next big thing. (See Apple’s FaceTime, see Skype’s new update that allows video communication on the iPhone, see Qik being used for similar kinds of things on Android, see Fring.) And of course web video is all the rage, even at the hefty price tag on bandwidth that no one has figured out how to really deal with yet. That prospect sends the carriers alternatively lusting for dollars and running in fear trying to protect their networks. Well, now it looks like Skype might want to make a bigger play.

Business Insider reports that an announcement is imminent, most likely at CES 2011, that Skype has acquired web video service Qik for $100 million. We’ll see how this plays out as the news rolls in. Or not.

UPDATE: Looks like it is official


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