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Slashgear Slate Shootout: Galaxy Tab vs ViewPad 7



Well, that didn’t take long. When I saw that Chris Davies had a Viewsonic Viewpad 7 on hand and knew he also had a Galaxy Tab from Samsung, I figured a comparison post was soon to make its debut. And sure enough it has. Although it doesn’t go completely in depth, (he just got his hands on the ViewPad), he does give us a good comparison of the physical dimensions and specs of the two devices. We already know there’s a big price difference with the Galaxy Tab being more expensive, so what does that price difference really buy you?

Head over to SlashGear to find out.

Side note: I got asked in an email today if I was going to pick up a Samsung Galaxy Tab for review. My answer is simple. No. If a review unit comes my way, I’ll give it a thorough going over, and would be happy to do that. But I’m not going to spend money for a device that Samsung has basically labeled obsolete before they started shipping the current model. Google’s saying that Android 2.2 doesn’t cut it on these devices doesn’t make me want to plunk down some cash either. I can’t justify that purchase.



  1. DNel

    10/29/2010 at 12:49 am

    The comparison that I’m most looking forward to is one between the Tega V2 and the HP slate 500. As for Android tablets, I’m with you Warner and will wait for a version designed for tablet/slates

  2. SatGuide

    10/29/2010 at 6:19 am

    These both are two different android tablets and runs on different versions. Their prices are also different from each other. There are some similar features between them like video calls with the front-facing camera and voice calls. But still there are many differences between them. Any ways your article is really interesting and worthwhile. Thanks for posting such a wonderful article.

  3. savagemike

    10/29/2010 at 8:34 am

    I don’t think we’ll be waiting long for android 3 myself. I like that viewsonic was showing off their GPS capability in one of the vids from reviews on the site you linked to.I frankly see these things as a mix between a sofa-surfer and a carry-along swiss-army-knife computer.Whatever tablet I get I want it to be able to do GPS. Not just have the chip and the paper specs, but a decently functioning unit. That is one less thing I have to buy elsewhere (a stand-alone GPS for the car) and so one more way to rationalize the cost of a tablet.One thing none of them seems to have which I think is a total error is a good solid consumer grade IR transmitter and some good learning remote software. It’s great that different DVR companies are doing apps and all for control, but I have other things in my house to control – like stereo equipment and DVD player and – hell, I even have a VHS deck still hooked up.So – a learning remote would be an awesome addition.Along with that – a small remote of its own to run the movie when I hook the tablet up to a friends tv to watch whatever DIVX pick I have cued up.

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