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Slice Makes It Simple To track Your Online Shopping on Android



If you spend a lot fo money ordering gadgets and necessities online, you need to download Slice for Android.

Slice is a free app that monitors your email to categorize and track all of your online purchases, providing a one stop shop for the status of everything you’ve ordered.

I’ve used Slice on the iPhone for months, and can’t live without it, especially with my Amazon Prime subscription.

Slice allows you to track pending orders, shipped orders and your order history., complete with push notifications to help you figure out when you need to be home for a delivery.

Check out this video of Slice for Android below, to get a better idea of how Slice can simplify your life.

In order to use slice, you will need to sign up fr a free account and allow Slice access to your Gmail or Yahoo email account.

With this access Slice will figure out when you place an order and automatically start tracking its progress towards you. If something is wrong, or Slice misses an order, you can send corrections and help Slice learn how to understand orders from smaller merchants.

Slice for Android

Slice for Android tracks orders and packages.

In my experience, Slice is correct on 95% of the receipts I get emailed, and it is essential for me to track down the progress of my new iPad.

I also love Slice because it makes finding all the money I spent on tech during 2011 simple, so I can share it with my accountant.

Slice for Android is available for free on Google Play.

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1 Comment

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    03/25/2012 at 9:02 pm

     My three all-time favorite shopping apps for Android are:

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