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Slice 2.0 Slices and Dices Online Shopping Habits, Tracks Packages



Slice offers automated purchase and package tracking to iPhone and Android users in a free, feature rich package.

Slice is the easiest way to manage online shopping, which is why it’s installed on every one of my mobile devices.

The app connects to Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud and Hotmail accounts to detect online purchases which are categorized by merchant, category and status.

All of this happens behind the scenes so there’s no need to forward or send information to the app after setting it up. AOL, iCloud and Hotmail access is new with this release, and users can also try the package tracking option without signing up for the service in Slice 2.0 with a guest account.

Slice 2.0 for iPhone personal finance

Slice tracks packages and slices and dices online spending.

Slice is touting the personal finance feature of the app which breaks purchases down by category. Unlike Mint and other personal finance apps that can only tell users they’ve spent $10,000 at Amazon this year, Slice can break that down by category to help identify areas where significant amounts of cash are spent. The app even shows recent purchases in the category.

One of the biggest reasons I use Slice is to track packages. Slice identifies the shipping information from emails sent by most retailers and automatically places it in a pending, shipped or delivered tab so I know when to expect a delivery. The new version of Slice lets me add a Tracking number for packages that aren’t sent from a retailer, so I can track incoming review units, cookies from mom and much more.

Slice is a free app for iPhone and Android, and is highly recommended for anyone that shops online.

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