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SlingPlayer for Android Honeycomb Gets Previewed



Sling Media, the maker of the Slingbox and the SlingPlayer software, has just released a demo video of its latest SlingPlayer app for Android Honeycomb tablets.

SlingPlayer essentially allows a user to connect to their home TV, cable box, or satellite TV receiver and watch live TV while away on their notebooks, PCs, Macs, smartphones, or tablets. For the SlingPlayer app to work, a user would need to purchase (separately), the transmitter box and connect it to their home entertainment setup. A fast home broadband connection is needed to transmit the signal over the Internet and mobile broadband is needed while away to receive the signals on your phone or tablet.

The SlingPlayer Mobile app for Android Honeycomb costs the same as other mobile apps–$30. If you’re a big TV watcher, the app allows you access to your cable, TV channels, satellite channels, DVR, and other compatible connected accessories. Best part is that the remote control on the app now appears just as your live remote control at home–no re-learning what buttons to press–and you can enlarge or minimize the buttons to fit your needs.

With football season here, the Android tablet app version will be a great companion for NFL or college football fans as well.

Via: Engadget


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