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Small T-Mobile Galaxy S II Update Brings Big Feature



T-Mobile has rolled out an update for the T-Mobile Galaxy S II and while the update is a smaller, bug fix update, it does bring about one larger feature: Support for ISIS, the Google Wallet competitor.

According to T-Mobile’s Support Page, by way of Android Police, the UVLH1 update for the Galaxy S II is now available through the Samsung’s Kies software. It doesn’t look like the update is going to roll out OTA so that means that owners are going to have to manually install the software in order to get it up and running.

At first glance, the update doesn’t appear to be much. T-Mobile says that it has ICS bug fixes on board, something that should please owners that are experiencing issues on the T-Mobile Galaxy S II.


ISIS support has arrived for Galaxy S II owners on T-Mobile.

However, there is also another feature on board the update, one that should delight those that want to use their Galaxy S II as a mobile payment solution.

T-Mobile’s Galaxy S II is now apparently the only device on the market that has support for the ISIS mobile payment service, a service that will soon be in direct competition with Google Wallet.

It doesn’t appear that an ISIS application is on board the update but it does appear that the update has brought, at the very least, support for the service.

ISIS was rumored to be launching on August 20th but thus far, we haven’t seen a full-fledged launch. ISIS will at some point include devices from AT&T and Verizon as well and it looks like carriers will be updating older devices with support for the service.

It’s also unclear just how many regions will be able to take advantage of the service when it starts arriving on the many Android handsets on these carriers. Thus far, we’ve only heard about test cities like Austin, TX and Salt Lake City, UT and nothing about any other ISIS-supported markets.

In any event, it looks like something is brewing and it would appear that T-Mobile Galaxy S II owners are on the tip of the spear with the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze and HTC Amaze 4G likely getting their support next.

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