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Smaller App Pool Leads to Bigger Profit for an Android game



There’s no denying the iOS ecosystem has the biggest pool of money, but it’s also true there are a lot more people fighting over that pool. For every Angry Birds, there are a hundred games struggling to reach an audience. Hence, it makes sense that some games will find greater success in smaller, less competitive app markets, such as Android. As Computerworld reports, Pocket Legends is one such game.

According to the developer Spacetime Studios, Pocket Legends is drawing 2-3 times the downloads on Android compared to iOS and pulling in 30-50% more revenue from in-app purchases. Ad click-through is also three times higher. Thus, they’ve shifted their marketing away from iOS and put it all behind Android.

The exact reason for the discrepancy is not known, but they suspect it’s due in part to being a bigger fish in a smaller pond. It’s not the first time I’ve heard this theory. Mike Cane (of various blogs by Mike Cane) proposed the “big fish, small pond” theory last month as a reason for developers to jump on webOS while the market is still uncrowded. The success of Pocket Legends, I believe, is proof that the theory works. Of course, it’s still up to the developer to make a game that people want to play. A bad game is still a bad game no matter how little competition there is. Congratulations to Spacetime Studios for getting both parts right, releasing a good game and finding an audience.

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