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Smartphone At Center of Always Connected Lifestyle [Infographic]



It should come as no surprise that our smartphones take center stage in our connected lives, but you might be surprised to see that you aren’t alone in using your smartphone in bed, bath and beyond.

In addition to the smartphone, this infographic covers the use of the web while at work and in class. As a professor, I was surprised to see that students cycle through 65 windows per lecture, but not that 2/3rds are distracting.

It’s not that surprising that 40% of you use your phone while in the bathroom, but sadly there’s no stats on how many of you use your phone in the shower.

Infographic always connected smartphone use

Provided by: Online Schools

As aI look at this infographic, I see many of my good and bad behaviors showing up in a number of others. Perhaps the in bed and next to bed smartphone and tablet usage has more to do with my internal time clock’s Tokyo timezone than my caffeine addiction.

How do you compare to this infographic?

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  1. Sebastian Michaelsen

    09/14/2011 at 3:39 pm

    92% congruence. I usually don’t watch TV.

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