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Smartphones Now Used to Capture Over 25% of All Videos, Photos



NPD research data shows that smartphone cameras now account for over a quarter of all videos and photos captured. 27 percent of all photos taken are now done with a smartphone, which is up ten percent from a year ago. In parallel with the rise in smartphones used in photography, the digital point and shoot camera market is down roughly 17% in both unit sales and dollar sales.

The rise in smartphones used for photography is not surprising as smartphones are now being equipped with better cameras, faster shutter speeds to reduce blurs and shakes, and more features. Tap to focus on smartphones can add new dimension in photography not found outside of expensive, bulkier SLR cameras, allowing users to choose a subject to focus on and blur the rest of the frame. Additionally, smartphones also offer an easy way to share captured images–through email, social networks, and as multimedia messages (MMS) and comes with additional meta-tag information, such as GPS geolocation data that many entry-level cameras lack.

Apple has been improving the camera on its popular iPhone models with each successive generation and Nokia’s N8 camera has been used in shooting magazine covers, featured shorts, and in some movies as well.

The best camera is the one that you have with you, and as people always carry their smartphones and don’t always think to carry a camera, more consumers will increasingly be reaching for their smartphones to capture spur-of-the-moment shots.

Via: PhoneArena


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