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Snap by Groupon Pays You To Buy Groceries



A new app pays you to buy the groceries you would already buy at any grocery store. Snap by Groupon shows shoppers a collection of items on special and includes a reward for buying the items at the grocery store. You just snap a photo of your receipt and get cash back from going shopping.

If getting paid for buying something sounds too good to be true, there is a catch, but it’s not as bad as you might think. You need to snap a photo of your receipt using the Snap by Groupon app within two days of going to the store. You can’t cash out until you rack up $20 in savings.

Depending on how often you go to the store and what items you buy, this may happen faster than you’d think. Right now there are 36 items in the Snap by Groupon iPhone app for our location including very easy options for earning cash back. One thing that stands out about this new Snap app from Groupon is that you can use it at any store.

Find the Snap by Groupon app to start getting paid to grocery shop.

Find the Snap by Groupon app to start getting paid to grocery shop.

Here’s a quick look at some of the offers in Snap by Groupon that will allow us to rack up almost $9 in cash back in one shopping trip this weekend.

  • $1 Back on Any Bread
  • $1 Back on Any Milk
  • $1 Back on GLAD trash bags
  • $ Back on Country Crock or I Can’t Believe it’s not butter
  • plus discounts on diapers, cleaning supplies health items and more.

There is one catch for about a third of the Snap by Groupon offers. Some of the items listed are only eligible if you purchase from Amazon and forward your Amazon receipt to Snap. For user with Amazon Prime this isn’t an issue, but it is a downside to an otherwise exciting app.

If you need to capture a long receipt you simply take multiple photos of it until you’ve captured it all. Some of the offers sell out, so you’ll need to make sure you scan your receipt quickly if you want to take advantage of the cash back.

One thing that is really great about this deal is that you can combine your in-store coupons and still use the app. So if you bring in some clipped coupons from the newspaper or using an app like MPerks to save with digital coupons you can still score the Snap by Groupon cash back.

This is as close as we’ve come to being paid to buy groceries, and it’s certainly a better option that some of the odd-job apps that pay users to report on certain things at grocery stores.

Download Snap by Groupon for iPhone or Android for free. You need to create an account using email or Facebook and can request payment when you rack up $20 in cash back. Payments typically arrive within two weeks, but can take up to 60 days.

Download the Snap Groupon app to earn money while you buy groceries.

Download the Snap Groupon app to earn money while you buy groceries.

You can also earn a $1 when a friend signs up for Snap and redeems their first offer after using your sign up link. You can see your specific link in the app and share to Facebook, copy it or email it.

Snap by Groupon is available in the U.S. and in Canada and you can shop at any store for most of the offers. If you don’t have a smartphone you can also use a tablet or go online to use the service. The Snap app is free to use, but if you don’t redeem an offer for 12 months straight there is a fee that will deduct from any balance you have left in the account, but never charge you outside of the app.

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