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Snapchat World Lenses Update Adds Insane Filters for Your Life



The new Snapchat World Lenses updates adds insane filters for your life. The new World Lenses allow you to add filters to your world, not just your face. Get ready to really supercharge your selfies with new Snapchat Lenses that interact with the world instead of just with your face.

Coming over a year after the introduction of Snapchat Lenses that upgrade your selfies with face lenses, the new World Lenses are limited to start, but you can expect to see more of them in the near future.

You need to install the latest Snapchat update to get this. For some users it is a November 8th update and for others it is s November 9th update. Once installed you can access Snapchat World Lenses just like you do the Face Lenses.

What you need to know about Snapchat World Lenses.

What you need to know about Snapchat World Lenses.

There are currently seven Snapchat World Lenses that you can use on iPhone or Android. They include;

  • An Air Horn that shoots exclamation points
  • Clouds that vomit rainbows
  • A sparkly visualization of noise around you
  • A flashlight that you tap to turn on and off
  • A Winter Chillin’ scene with snowflakes
  • Hearts that flutter across your screen
  • Butterflies that fly across the screen and if you swap the camera land on you.

Below you can see a look at the airhorn Snapchat World Lens in action. Some of them require a tap on the screen, others make you look around.

You can use some of them in a selfie mode that acts like a normal Snapchat Lens, and you can use others in a rear camera mode. There is a small dividing line if you can use the Lens as a World Lens and as a normal Snapchat Lens.

Snapchat Lenses are currently free, and you can access them by updating your Snapchat app and tapping on the display.

The update and new feature came out as a huge Snapchat outage prevented users from accessing Snapchat Lenses in any manner on iPhone or Android.

Snapchat World Lens - Air Horn

Snapchat World Lens - Air Horn

The Snapchat World Lens air horn is fairly self explanatory. This will sound an airhorn and shoot exclamation points all across the screen.

You can use this in any setting, and it appears that it will change slightly based on current events. During the election it was patriotic, shooting red, white and blue. 

This does not include a selfie option that changes, but you can still use it with the front-facing camera. 

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1 Comment

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