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Sony Tablet P Lands on AT&T on March 4th for $399.99



It’s been a long time since Sony announced the Tablet S and Tablet P. The Tablet S was released months ago, but in the US we still haven’t seen any hint of the dual-screen Tablet P. That is until today.

AT&T announced that the Sony Tablet P will be coming to its network on March 4.

The tablet will sell for $399.99 with a two-year contract, or $549.99 with no contract. AT&T is calling the Tablet P a 4G tablet, but it won’t have 4G LTE, just HSPA+.

If you agree to the two-year contract for the tablet you get the option to pay $35 for 3GB of data a month or $50 for 5GB of data a month. Meanwhile, postpaid options start at $15 for 250MB, though you have to pay more upfront for the tablet.

Sony Tablet P

The Sony Tablet P, in case you’ve forgotten, has two 1024×480 displays, and fold up for easy storage. It’s powered by a Tegra 2 CPU, runs Android 3.2, and has only 4GB of internal storage.

The two screens work as one continuous screen in most applications. There are some apps that will split functionality between the two, though. For example, movies can be displayed on the top screen while the media controls are on the second. After all, you don’t want your movie to have a giant line in the middle of it, right?

The Tablet P is also one of the few PlayStation Certified Android devices, which means it can play some PlayStation games, with the bottom screen transforming into the controller. There aren’t too many games available for PlayStation Certified devices, but a few popular games like Crash Bandicoot are available.

With the iPad 3 announcement just a few days after the Tablet P, this seems like it was essentially sent out to die. The price is just too high, especially for an unproven form factor.

It’s unclear why the average consumer would buy a folding Android tablet when the iPad 3 with a Retina Display is coming out in just a few days? Especially when the iPad 3 has more storage, will likely cost less off contract, and has a better ecosystem.



  1. Brad Linder

    02/28/2012 at 11:40 am

    Actually that should be March 4th for $399.99, according to the AT&T press release you linked to. 

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