Sony Tablet S Makes Early Debut on Home Shopping Network With Price Premium

If you’ve been eyeing the Sony Tablet S as Sony’s first Android tablet and are eager to get your hands on one, the Home Shopping Network is now offering the device up for sale. On HSN, the tablet S commands a $100 price premium compared to Sony’s own pre-order price of $500. However, HSN is saying that the Tablet S is now shipping with its $600 price tag.

The Sony Tablet S is available with a 9.4-inch 1280 X 800 display running on a dual-core Tegra 2 chipset. The device will run Android 3.1 and is shipping now via HSN.

Though Sony has announced the tablet along with the pre-order price of $500 for the 16 GB version, users will have to wait for September 16th for those tablets to be available. . However, going direct with Sony will save you $100.

Customers who balk at the $600 price tag can also pay in 4 installments of $150.

Via: Android Central