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Sony Xperia S Has Two New Features Revealed Before Launch



While most of the attention at CES 2012 was on Nokia’s Lumia 900 and Verizon’s Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX and Droid 4, Sony also launched two new Android phones. One of those phones is the Xperia S which is a GSM 3G/HSPA phone that will be sold internationally. And while we thought we knew what the Xperia S was all about, Sony has dropped a couple of new features upon us prior to launch.

On its Facebook page, the company has confirmed that the device will come with an anti-stain shell which is perfect for those of you that love to spill coffee or soda all over your electronics.

We know you’re out there.

The shell will likely be similar to the coating that Motorola put on the Droid RAZR. And trust us, it might sound gimmicky, but it’s nice to have.

In addition, and probably more intriguing, is the “confirmation” that the Xperia S will have fast charging capabilities which means that should you charge the phone for a solid ten minutes, you’ll get a solid hour of use time.

The overall charging time on the phone has apparently been cut in half as well.

If the claims are true, then the Xperia S is shaping up to be a pretty nice device.

We should also mention that the Xperia S has just cleared the FCC with bands for both AT&T and T-Mobile. There are no official launch plans for the U.S. right now, so it’s looking like it may just come unlocked.

Via: Engadget, XperiaBlog

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