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Sony Xperia Z Pre-Orders Begin



In January, Sony announced its new Sony Xperia Z flagship smartphone though it failed to give a specific release date for the device. We had heard February and March mentioned and now it appears that that will be the case, at least in the United Kingdom, as Xperia Z pre-orders in the UK have begun today across several different retailers and carriers.

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At CES 2013, Sony took the wraps off its latest and greatest Xperia smartphone, its 2013 flagship the Sony Xperia Z, which won our Best Smartphone at CES 2013 award. It is one of Sony’s most enticing smartphone offerings in recent memory with its large 5-inch 1080p display and gorgeous modern design. Problem is, Sony did not reveal any specific pricing or release date other than to say it would launch globally in Q1 of this year.


The Xperia Z has gone up for pre-order in the UK.

The first quarter encompasses the months of January, February and March and shortly after its arrival, it became clear that Sony was serious about the timing as the device popped up with an assortment of dates ranging from early February to March. In fact, right now, the Xperia Z release date in Japan is expected in just a few days on February 1st.

Those outside of Japan, wondering when pre-orders for the device might begin, are in luck today as Xperia Z pre-orders have begun in the United Kingdom.

Carriers O2 and Three UK are both offering pre-orders on the Xperia Z right now while retailer Carphone Warehouse and Sony itself are doing the same. It doesn’t appear as though any of them are offering the phone off-contract, at least not at the moment.

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It appears that they are gearing up for a February 28th release date in the United Kingdom so those who pre-order will only have to wait a few weeks before the device touches down.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t clear up anything as far as a release in the United States in concerned. As we’ve mentioned, it’s possible that the Sony Xperia Z will only become available unlocked to U.S. customers, not through any carriers.

Fortunately, there still is a lot of time left in Q1 and 2013 so we could eventually see the device hit an American carrier, we’re just not sure when that might be exactly.

The Sony Xperia Z was Sony’s big smartphone unveil of CES 2013 and it packs some serious specifications in an effort to match the higher-end smartphones that are already on shelves in addition to ones like the HTC M7 and Galaxy S4 that will be coming soon.

It features a 5-inch 1080p HD Reality Display (1920 x 1080), 2GB of RAM, a 13.1MP rear camera, 2.2MP front-facing camera, 4G LTE data speeds, and a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor. Other specs include 16GB of on-board storage space with a microSD card slot that comes with support for a 32GB microSD card, a suitable 2,330 mAh battery, and a slim 7.9mm design that is resistant to both water or dust.

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