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Sony Xperia Z Update Arrives, Isn’t Android 4.2



The Sony Xperia Z, which arrived on shelves just about a month ago, has already received its first update, but it’s not Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. In fact, right now, it’s not clear as to what the software might be or whether it tackles the sleep of death issue that has been plaguing Xperia Z owners since launch.

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In February, the Sony Xperia Z arrived on shelves in regions around the globe. The device, which is Sony’s latest flagship smartphone, is it’s answer for the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Apple’s iPhone 5. And so far, sales have been said to be good with sell outs ranging across several nations, something that doesn’t often happen with a Sony smartphone launch.

The Sony Xperia Z is a hit without a U.S. release.

The Sony Xperia Z received its first update today, but it it’s Android 4.2.

At its launch in January, Sony promised that the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update would be rolling out to the Xperia Z soon after its release. Rumors even suggested that the update would roll out in March. However, the Sony Xperia update that has arrived today isn’t Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and in fact, it’s not quite clear what the update is.

Sony has rolled out the first update to the Xperia Z in the form of 10.1.A.1.434. This has been confirmed by owners on XDA Forums. However, while the update is indeed rolling out, it’s not clear exactly where it has become available, though it has become available to some Xperia Z owners in Europe through the Sony PC Companion.

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It’s also not clear exactly what’s on board the update. Sony Xperia Z owners have been dealing with a sleep of death issue that has caused devices to die without any apparent reason. It’s unclear if this update fixes that issue or not or whether the Sony Xperia Z will continue to face an issue that while not affecting a majority of owners, is serious nonetheless. We imagine that it’s possible that the update does away with the issues, but because there is no changelog right now, it’s impossible to say.

What the update isn’t though is Android 4.2 Jelly Bean which means that owners are going to have to be waiting a little longer for the Xperia¬† Z to get caught up with the Nexus devices.



  1. Android Times

    03/22/2013 at 10:50 am

    The update fixes SUDDEN DEATH ISSUE on Xperia Z. Good Work Sony on timely update. Source:

    • igoyyiy

      03/25/2013 at 11:21 am

      Thank God!

  2. N.A.

    04/01/2013 at 3:16 pm

    When will the Sony exZ be released in the US?? Waiting on my upgrade.

  3. Omar Mahmoud

    07/06/2013 at 6:15 pm

    When will the Sony exZ be released in the lebanon?? Waiting on my upgrade.

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