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Special Edition Earth Day Jaybird RUN offers New Color Option



The Jaybird Run wireless earbuds are impressive bluetooth earbuds designed to stand up to your workouts. We’ve checked them out at CES and now Jaybird announced a Special Edition Earth Day Jaybird RUN that comes in a new color option and that includes a 10% donation to The Conservation Alliance in honor of Earth Day.

These special edition Jaybird RUN headphones are available through April 30th at Jaybird while supplies last. The retail price is $179.99 and you get all the same features that you find on the standard edition, but with this Earth Day edition you get Charge Green earbuds and a forest green charging case.

With our home base in Park City, we are extremely fortunate to have access to open spaces in our backyard,” said Jamie Parker, Global General Manager of Jaybird. “Earth Day is an important moment globally to celebrate open spaces, and we feel very fortunate to be working with The Conservation Alliance to help protect this precious resource for generations to come.”

“Jaybird is going above-and-beyond to support The Conservation Alliance’s efforts to protect wild places throughout North America,” said John Sterling, Executive Director of The Conservation Alliance. “We are thrilled to work with Jaybird as they continue to integrate conservation values into their business.”

Jaybird RUN wireless earbuds come with a 4-hour playtime and a case that can charge up another 8-hours of listening time. Anytime you put the earbuds in the case charging starts so you always have battery power available to get you through a day. The case can charge an hour of listening time in 5-minutes, so even if you’ve drained the earbuds you can power through another workout in the time it takes you to get changed.

With interchangeable tips and fins you can securely fit these into your ears while you go for a run or workout. They are sweat proof and water-resistant. One issue some users have with AirPods is that they don’t fit and stay in their ears during activity, so an option like this can be a good alternative.

You can make calls and listen to music with the Jaybird RUN earbuds and you can use the Jaybird app to customize the sound right on the earbuds so that you get the perfect EQ for your preferences. Since this lives on the earbuds and not on your phone, it works across all apps that you use to listen to music. If you want to keep track of the environment around you, run with just the right Jaybird RUN earbud in and you’ll be able to hear what is happening around you.

The standard Jaybird RUN headphones also retail for $179.99 and come in Jet Black, Blue Steel and Drift, which is a mix of white and black.

3 Reasons to Wait for AirPods 2 & 5 Reasons Not To Wait Anymore

Wait for New AirPods Features

Wait for New AirPods Features

Apple rarely announces a new mobile product simply to add a number to the end of the product name. In fact there is a good chance that the AirPods 2 name will just be AirPods when Apple announces them. 

We typically see Apple add new features to products especially after lengthy periods between updates. The original AirPods will be at least two years old by the time Apple announces AirPods 2, which means there is plenty of time for innovation. 

The AirPods 2 will feature a new W2 chip and a "Hey Siri" feature to use Siri without tapping your AirPod according to reports.

Apple's push to incorporate sensors and collect data that you can use in the Health app is well known. We've seen other earbuds include heart rate sensors, and while the Apple Watch handles that job, it could be something that Apple builds into a new set of AirPods. 

In the latest reports it looks like we will see Bluetooth 5.0, a new wireless charging case and potentially the new W series chip that Bloomberg also mentioned. 

Apple owns patents for AirPods with built-in Biometric sensors including EKG sensors capable of measuring much more than just your heart rate. 

If you like the current AirPods, but are hoping for something more, wait to see what Apple announces in 2019. There's a good chance that some features may not come until a major redesign in 2020, but if you wait a few months you'll at least get to make a more informed decision. 

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