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Sprint Begins Training Employees to Prep for Samsung Conquer 4G Launch



Though the Samsung Conquer 4G won’t be as iconic as the Epic Touch 4G, the mid-range Android smartphone will be tasked with delivering 4G WiMax connectivity, which provides faster upload and download speeds to mobile users, to the masses. A more affordable price tag and built as a solid handset will make the Conquer 4G an attractive handset to many people who have been previously on the fence about adopting 4G technology due to cost concerns.

The training material obtained by Android Central¬†lists some of the major selling points of the device. In the screenshot, it seems that the mostly native Android 2.l3 Gingerbread experience will come with Sprint ID for customization, a 1 GHz processor–it’s listed as a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, 2 GB pre-installed memory card, Flash support, video chat capabilities, and a full Google experience. Swype will also be pre-installed on the keyboard and those needing more storage capacity could augment with a 32 GB optional micro SDHC card.

The handset is said to be coming to Sam’s Club warehouses in August according to an earlier leak.


With Sprint beginning to train employees on the Conquer 4G, the handset is due to drop soon and will be yet another great addition to Sprint’s portfolio of smartphones.

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