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Sprint Expands Carrier Billing Options for Google Play Store



It looks like Sprint’s and Google’s partnership–which so far has graced areas such as Google Voice and Google Wallet–is about to expand carrier billing. Previously, Now Network subscribers were able to only charge the purchases of apps to their Sprint phone bills, but an expanded agreement between Sprint and Google will now allow consumers to charge other items as well from the Play Store to their phone bills rather than pay directly with a credit card. Users will now be able to charge their digital purchases of music, books, and movie rentals.

The move will make it a bit more convenient for Sprint customers who may want to handle purchase transactions through their phone bills. Of course, if you buy a lot, you can’t blame bill shock anymore for your high bills at the end of your monthly billing cycle.

Expanded carrier billing options were available for Sprint’s rivals T-Mobile USA and AT&T prior.

When you go to your Sprint Android handset to make a purchase now, you’ll be greeted with an option to bill a stored credit card on your Google Wallet account, add a credit card, or bill your Sprint account. Now Network subscribers do not need to make any special changes to get carrier billing features.

However, given the convenience of charging these impulsive purchases and transactions, you should also be wary that anyone with access to your phone can charge any number of digital content purchases either to your stored credit card or your Sprint phone bill. As such, users should, for security, add a passcode, PIN, or pattern unlock to their devices in case their phone is misplaced or stolen.

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