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Sprint Galaxy Note 3 “Coming Soon,” Signup Page Now Live



The Verizon Galaxy Note 3 isn’t the only Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that is being promoted ahead of its release date as the Sprint Galaxy Note 3 has joined the fray with a signup that is now live ahead of the device’s actual pre-order date.

Shortly after the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 announcement, Verizon threw up a Galaxy Note 3 splash page that confirmed that it would start offering pre-orders soon ahead of the device’s release date which is likely to take place sometime during the month of October. The carrier also confirmed the Galaxy Gear for arrival as well.

Not to be outdone, Sprint has also put up a splash page for its Galaxy Note 3 that offers buyers a chance to signup to be notified about the Sprint Galaxy Note 3 pre-order that should arrive at some point ahead of the release date. Sprint doesn’t come right out and use the term pre-order but it does say that by signing up, users will find out when it becomes available. And given Sprint’s history and Verizon’s plans, we expect it to be for a pre-order date.

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Sprint will be offering the Galaxy Note 3 this fall.

Sprint will be offering the Galaxy Note 3 this fall.

Sprint is coy on a Galaxy Note 3 release date as well, only saying that it will be out sometime this fall. The company says here that it will be coming soon though it’s clear if that’s a release date or a pre-order.

Samsung announced that it would be hitting Japan and the United States in October after an initial release in September. Sprint has been amongst the first carriers to offer Galaxy devices so we expect the device to land at some point next month.

Sprint’s Galaxy Note 3 should come packed with all of the perks of the other Galaxy Note 3 models which means a large 1080p display, 13MP camera, new S Pen functionality, slim and lightweight design that uses a faux leather look instead of plastic and a host of other features that should make it appealing to Sprint customers.

The carrier also says that it will be offered with an unlimited guarantee which means that users will be able to keep their unlimited data plans not just for right now, but for life.

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