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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Now Available In Stores



The Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4, which saw its in-store release date postponed indefinitely earlier this month, has begun arriving in stores with the carrier telling Gotta Be Mobile that the device should now be available in retail locations, a few days after it landed through its online store.

Earlier this month, Sprint became one of the victims of the Samsung Galaxy S4 popularity in the United States. The carrier, which originally had planned to release the Galaxy S4 both in stores and online on April 27th, was forced to push back the Galaxy S4 in-store to an undetermined date. That left those who were planning to buy in-store without the means to do so.

The Sprint Galaxy S4 is now in at least some retail locations.

The Sprint Galaxy S4 is now in at least some retail locations.

Today, we reached out to Sprint to see when it would be offering the Galaxy S4 in-stores, as its website seemed to indicate that it was now offering it in retail locations, and the response is the news that many consumers have likely been looking for.

Sprint informed Gotta Be Mobile today that the Galaxy S4 is now available in retail locations and that inventory is “now flowing into Sprint sales channels.” What this means is that the device should be available at many of the Sprint retail locations that dot the landscape in the United States. Sprint tells us that it expects “additional inventory shipments on a daily basis” which means that if a store doesn’t have it today, it could have it in stock tomorrow.

The carrier also told us that it’s extremely happy with the response to the Samsung Galaxy S4, the device that has replaced the Galaxy S3 as the carrier’s Android flagship.

What this means is that Sprint’s online store is no longer the only place to get the phone, at least through Sprint. We also know that Best Buy is offering up the phone as well though we expect stock there to be limited.

Sprint of course wasn’t the only carrier to postpone its Galaxy S4 launch. T-Mobile was forced to push back its in-store release dates back to May 8th for some retail locations and May 15th for all retail locations, thanks to inventory issues.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available on a number of carriers, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular and will be heading to Verizon on May 30th.

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