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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S4 Pre-Orders Now Live



As expected, Sprint has begun taking Samsung Galaxy S4 pre-orders ahead of the device’s eventual release, a release that is slated for next week on April 27th.

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Earlier this week, Sprint, after weeks of silence, announced the final details for its Samsung Galaxy S4 launch. The carrier has pegged the Galaxy S4 with an April 27th release date and has tagged it with a $250 on-contract price tag, much more expensive than the $199.99 price tag that rivals AT&T and U.S. Cellular bestowed upon the 16GB version of the device.

Sprint has begun taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S4.

Sprint has begun taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S4.

One saving grace is that Sprint is going to be offering it with a $100 discount, dropping the price to $150 for those who sign a new contract on Sprint coming with a number from another carrier. For those looking to sign a new contract to pair with pure unlimited data, that’s an offer that might be too good to pass up. And for those that simply can’t, Sprint is now taking orders.

Today, as promised, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has gone up for pre-order through Sprint’s website where consumers can purchase the phone ahead of its upcoming release date.

The carrier joins two other carrier’s that are currently taking pre-orders in the United States, AT&T and U.S. Cellular. However, unlike those two carriers, Sprint has an official date set for the Galaxy S4 release. AT&T and U.S. Cellular on the other hand are taking pre-orders for the Galaxy S4 without official release dates.

AT&T claims that it will be shipping the device on April 30th while U.S. Cellular has said that it will be releasing the phone by the end of the month. As for the Galaxy S4’s two other major U.S. carriers, T-Mobile and Verizon, T-Mobile will be releasing the Galaxy S4 on April 24th while Verizon has yet to reveal any details about its variant.

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Verizon has a propensity to release its Samsung smartphones later than other carriers and thus far, rumors suggest that it may not arrive until late May. That is still unconfirmed, however.

The Samsung Galaxy S4, of course, is the latest flagship from Samsung and it brings a number of likeable features to the table. Those include a 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, 13MP camera, Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and the new TouchWiz from Samsung which adds several new smart features to the mix.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sergean Samuel Sule

    04/18/2013 at 11:10 am

    My name is Samuel from Nigeria and a member of Nigerian Army. I have seen the display of the phone on Youtube and is a phone to own. I will like to get all necessary information about this phone and to place my order. This are what i want to know about this phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) can it respond back to my enquiries (like siri), what is the price tag and is it ship free to Nigeria? Your quick respond will be appreciated. Keep the good work.

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