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Starbucks Now Accepts Square Wallet For Mobile Payments



Starting today smartphone users can buy their Starbucks coffee with Square Wallet at almost any location in the U.S.

Now users can walk into any participating Starbucks, launch Square Wallet and look through the menu from their iPhone or Android phone. Unlike other businesses, Starbucks doesn’t allow Square Wallet users to order their items from the app, but they can look through the menu on their phone so they what to order upon arriving at the counter.

After ordering their coffee Square Wallet users just need to tap pay in the app which brings up a barcode. Users just need to scan the barcode to pay for their order. The feature works just like the Starbucks app or the Starbucks Passbook card, except users don’t need to refill it.Starbucks Square Wallet

When paying with a digital Starbucks card users need to refill the card before they can use it. It’s essentially a digital gift card that makes paying at the register faster. With Square Wallet paying at the register is just as easy, but users no longer need to worry about how much money they have remaining on their Starbucks card.

Along with mobile payments the partnership between Square and Starbucks will make it easier for coffee lovers to find local businesses around their favorite Starbucks. Square’s directory of businesses is now integrated into the Starbucks Digital Network in stores which helps people find other nearby businesses. The partnership mean users can find even more stores that accept Square even if they haven’t downloaded the app yet.

Square’s partnership with Starbucks brings the service into more than 7000 new stores across the U.S. With the partnership Square is arguably the biggest player in mobile payments. It faces some competition from companies like PayPal and TabbedOut, though neither of those have the same traction.

Google Wallet is also a big player in mobile payments, but it looks as if Google is moving away from paying with a phone in the app’s next version.



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