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Star Wars Battlefront: 7 Things to Know After Two Weeks



Star Wars Battlefront’s been out for two weeks and during those two weeks we’ve formed new opinions about the game and see new information develop. Now that we’ve hit this milestone, we want to take a look at some important things to know about Star Wars Battlefront at the two week mark.

Last month, weeks after going through an extensive public beta, EA and DICE released Star Wars Battlefront for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game puts gamers into the shoes of popular Star Wars heroes and villains and into well-known vehicles like the AT-AT.

While some of the game modes are small, others feature massive 20 on 20 battles that pit the Empire against the Rebels. The game is out just a few short weeks before Star Wars The Force Awakens, a movie that will set any number of box office records.

Star Wars Battlefront is here but that hasn’t stopped the flow of information. This week alone we’ve seen several important details emerge and they are important for current players and those who are thinking about buying the game during the holiday season. These details include the first major patch for Star Wars Battlefront.

Today we want to take a look at the latest Star Wars Battlefront news and fill you in on the status of the Battlefront problems, the first DLC, and the first major patch.

Is Star Wars Battlefront Worth Buying?

Is Star Wars Battlefront Worth Buying?

Star Wars Battlefront reviews from critics and gamers were all over the place and I can understand why. I've been having the same internal debate myself and I still can't decide if I love the game or hate myself for spending the money on it.

I'm not going to go too in-depth here. Instead, I want to bring up some pros and cons I've discovered after spending two weeks with DICE's game. 


1. The game looks great on console and PC

2. Playing as Luke Skywalker and other heroes/villains is satisfying

3. The sounds and music are amazingly authentic

4. Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron are excellent


1. Repetitive

2. Some modes aren't great (Hero Hunt and Droid Run in particular)

3. Vehicles disappoint

I've picked this game up and had a blast though that was mostly during the first week when I was on a nostalgia kick. I've also picked it up and gotten bored after one map. That's happening more often at the two week mark and I'm starting to gravitate to my other games. (Fallout 4, FIFA, NBA2K16)

This is not a deep game and unless you're really good at it or simply can't get enough Star Wars, there's a good chance you'll start moving away from it after you've exhaused the maps, game modes and the weapons (there aren't many). Of the six people I started playing with two weeks ago, only one is still playing the game on a regular basis. 

My hope is that the Battle of Jakku and next year's DLC breathe new life into the game. It's a great Star Wars game but I don't think it's worth $60 at this point. If you must have it, try to find a deal. 

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1 Comment

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