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Star Wars: Battlefront Deal Chops $25 Off



The Star Wars: Battlefront release date is almost here, bringing action to fans right before the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie comes out. Normally the game is $59.99 on all platforms, but a new Star Wars: Battlefront deal offers $25 off in the form of a gift card that you can use on a future game or purchase.

You don’t need to trade-in any games or join a paid membership plan to get this deal, but if you want to play on the release date, you need to order soon.

The Star Wars: Battlefront release date is November 17th, and you must order this deal by November 10th for free guaranteed release day delivery.

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Save ahead of the Star Wars: Battlefront release date.

Save ahead of the Star Wars: Battlefront release date.

Dell is making a major play to combat Best buy and Amazon when it comes to game sales and the most recent option is a Star Wars: Battlefront deal that includes a $25 eGift card with the purchase of the game.

This is only valid on the PS4 and Xbox One version of Star Wars: Battlefront, but the good news is that the offer includes the special edition for users who want extras. Sorry, there is no Han Solo Carbonite Fridge with this deal.

Score $25 off with this Star Wars: Battlefront deal.

Score $25 off with this Star Wars: Battlefront deal.

Dell offers the standard edition of Star Wars: Battlefront for PS4 or Xbox One for $59.99 and the deluxe edition for $69.99.

When you buy the game with this deal, you will get a $25 eGift card promo that you can use on a future purchase. If you plan to buy any other games this year, or simply need something else Dell sells, this is a great deal.

For comparison Best Buy offers a $10 reward certificate with a Star Wars: Battlefront pre-order. if you pay $30 for a two-year Gamer’s Club Membership you can save 20%, for a combined $22 off at Best Buy. Amazon offers just $5 off to Amazon Prime Members.

If you pay $10 more for the Star Wars: Battlefront deluxe edition you get five unlocks in the game; DL-44 blaster, Ion Grenade, Ion Torpedo, Ion Shock and Victory.

Gamers could try the Star Wars: Battlefront beta to get a taste for the game, and there is an early Star Wars: Battlefront release date on Xbox One with EA Access, that will allow gamers to play the new game five days early and progress will carry over to the full release.


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1 Comment

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