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New Star Wars Battlefront Patch Release Info



EA and DICE have confirmed another Star Wars Battlefront update and it will bring tweaks and some much need fixes for Star Wars Battlefront problems on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Here’s what’s new in the latest December Star Wars Battlefront patch.

Star Wars Battlefront has been out for a month now and the companies behind it continue to tweak the game to improve Battlefront’s balance and to iron out some of the Battlefront problems plaguing Xbox One, PS4 and PC users.

The most recent Battlefront patch rolled out on December 10th though it was limited to the PC. Later this week, EA and DICE will roll out a much larger update and it will push to the PC, Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 bringing key fixes and improvements to all three platforms.

With a new Battlefront update on the way, we want to take a look at everything PS4, PC and Xbox One owners need to know about this new patch and its release date.


Star Wars Battlefront Patch Release Date

When you fire up Star Wars Battlefront on December 16th (Wednesday), you will be greeted with a prompt to update the game. December 16th is the release date for all versions of the patch.

EA and DICE have yet to confirm the size of this new December Battlefront patch. We don’t expect it to be anywhere near the 1GB+ size of the Battle of Jakku DLC but you still might want to clean up some space if you’re approaching the threshold of your internal or external storage.

Star Wars Battlefront Patch Release Time

EA and DICE haven’t confirmed a specific release time for this Battlefront December 16th patch and they might not.

The patch could come at any point during the night, or day, though we typically see developers roll out updates in the morning on the west coast, early afternoon on the east coast, so that they can monitor the update for bugs and problems.

Star Wars Battlefront Patch Details

If you’ve been dealing with Star Card problems, you should get excited about the December 16th Battlefront patch.


Fix for Star Card Problems

One of the main components of the update is a fix for an issue “where players were having issues using Star Cards in Heroes vs. Villains.”

Xbox One, PS4 and PC users have been complaining about Star Card issues for several weeks now and there’s hope that this new patch will squash this issue for good.

Other Fixes

This Battlefront patch will also deliver two key fixes for a loading screen problem and a spawn-related issue on the PS4 and Xbox One:

  • Fixed an issue where one out of 12 players remained in the loading screen on Swamp Crashsite, Sorosuub Centroplex, and Graveyard of Giants in Heroes vs. Villains and Walker Assault multiplayer modes
  • Fixed an issue where two players would spawn in a damage area that doesn’t match visual lava

The PC version of the game already received these fixes in an update on December 10th.

Battlefront Updates & Tweaks

The December 16th Battlefront patch also comes with various updates and tweaks that should improve balance:

  • Increased AT-AT health on Endor
  • Removed auto-lock on Boba Fett´s missile.
  • Tweaked impact damage for Impact grenade from 100 to 90

These decisions will likely frustrate many Star Wars Battlefront gamers on Xbox One and PS4. They’ll also likely please many others. These changes are already in place on the PC version of the game.

EA and DICE are currently tracking a number of other Battlefront problems and gamers can expect the companies to address them in future patches for the game.

Current issues include problems obtaining a trophy, issues, with co-op credits, and more. A release date for the next Battlefront patch is unknown.

Star Wars Battlefront Tips to Level Up Faster

Use a Headset & Communicate

Use a Headset & Communicate

You can battle it out on Hoth and Endor alone, or, you can team up with friends or people you meet in game to increase your chances of winning matches and taking out foes. Communication and teamwork is vital to your success in Star Wars Battlefront. 

If you link up with a group, you'll be able to capture objectives and take out enemies more effectively. In games like Supremacy, a little teamwork can go a long way towards taking out or defending some of the harder objectives. 

Use your headset to communicate but also use it to listen for footsteps and blaster fire. If you listen up, you'll get the drop on enemies before they're able to fire. 

Killing enemies and taking objectives is the name of the game here and a headset is going to work wonders for your rank.



  1. vcchillin

    12/14/2015 at 4:29 pm

    bring back levolution back to the battle. change the environment of the battle. make the super star destroyer crash closer to the map on battle of jakku. add more players. make it 30v30

  2. vcchillin

    12/14/2015 at 4:31 pm

    it will make it much funnier to play. JUST DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol. EA and Dice have to step their game up further more

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