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big unisys pc starringthecomputerWe all love to spot and name various computers, phones, and technology being used in television and the movies. In fact, it is a frequent topic of discussion in our forums. I love watching 24 and seeing if I can impress my wife with how many gadgets I can name that Jack Bauer and company uses. I love to try and impress her by saying “There’s a Motion LS800. There’s an OQO. Yeah, I used that Tablet PC…last year”. It never works. She just shakes her head at me.

Anyway, there is now a website called that is dedicated to cataloging computers that are used in movies and television. They could use your help in naming devices such as this keyboard (below) from the movie Short Circuit or what model Unisys PC (upper right) this is from the movie Big. Let your inner geek light shine and get to work, ok?

via CrunchGear.

Short Circuit
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