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STM Dapper Wrapper Review



The STM Dapper Wrapper is a great carrying case for cables that is perfect for trips or for organizing your cables as you go from one work from home location to another. At $29.95, it’s affordable, and it looks great in slate blue as well as the other colors it is available in.

I’ve been testing this small case for several weeks. After a failed escape to an Airbnb, I used this to carry cables around from various work from home spots and to keep cables organized in another bag that I am reviewing that doesn’t have much internal organization.

The STM Dapper Wrapper is a handy cable organizer for travel or work from home.

When carrying the case, it folds up to about the size of a woman’s clutch, and it stays closed with a magnetic and physical clasp that is really smart. This keeps it from opening up and spilling out your cables and other items. You can adjust the strap to accommodate more stuff inside the Dapper Wrapper, or to tighten it up.

Inside you will find one large zipper compartment that is great for storing small things that might end up loose in your bag. Three small pockets that are handy for little cables and adapters. Two medium pockets that are perfect for Apple Watch bands or other items. Two large pouches that are where I stash most of my cables. Two large mesh pockets that I use for power adapters so that I can see what is in each pocket.

Organize all your gear in the various pouches.

The STM Dapper Wrapper is a great way to organize all of the little things that you need while you travel, that you need to carry to the table for working from home, and then it can secure all of these items so that you don’t leave a mess where you are working. I like using it for the little bit of travel I’ve been able to do this year because I can quickly check that all my cables and chargers are in the right spot so I don’t forget them.

STM applies a water and dirt-repellent coating to the fabric to keep it looking good. After extended use, it still looks like new. I am a big fan of the blue finish, but you can also find it in windsor wine and granite black.

The STM Dapper Wrapper is $29.95 directly from STM and available on Amazon for around $28.

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