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Straitjacket iPhone 6 Case Review



The iPhone 6 is already several months old, and a bevy of protective cases are available for Apple’s latest flagship, but we got our hands on Loop Attachment’s latest case for the new device and took it for a spin, and it’s called the Straitjacket i6.

Loop Attachment is sort of the unsung hero in the iPhone case market, as they make excellently-designed iPhone wallet cases that don’t get a lot of attention compared to bigger-name case manufacturers.

It started with the Mummy case for the iPhone 4s and iPhone 4, and then moved to the Straitjacket for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s. Now, the Straitjacket makes its way to the iPhone 6, just released about a month ago, and it comes with the same overall design that the older Mummy cases had.


We’ve already reviewed several iPhone 6 cases, including the Speck Candy ShellApple’s official leather case, Pelican’s ProGear Protector case, and even a Moleskine notebook case and a really nice leather sleeve from Sena. We’ve also rounded up a handful of good iPhone 6 cases that are worthy of a purchase, including selections from Spigen, OtterBox, Tech21, Moshi, and Incipio.

However, the Straitjacket stands alone, as it has a unique design and doubles as a wallet case of sorts.

The case is essentially just made up of a bumper that’s a hard rubber and plastic blend, and the back of the case has four flexible rubber straps that act as the wallet portion, which can hold cash, credit cards, and other thin objects, although there’s not a whole lot of space for a handful of credit or debit cards, so it’s really only meant for minimalist wallet users.


As far as its functionality as a wallet case, the rubber straps on the back make it a bit difficult to insert cards or cash. Cards are fairly easy to insert, but they may catch on one of the rubber straps as you insert it. Cash is a much different story. You essentially have to lift up the straps with your finger and then slide the cash in. It’s not terrible, but it’s also not the most convenient method.

The Straitjacket is a happy medium for those that don’t like really-thick cases nor really-thin plastic snap-on cases. The great thing about it is that it make the iPhone 6 way easier to grip. I don’t know how many times I’ve already dropped my iPhone 6 (thankfully, all those times were on carpet), but the Straitjacket’s added thickness makes the new device way easier to hold.


One great thing I love about the Straitjacket case is that it’s really easy to insert and remove the iPhone 6 to and from the case. Most cases fit extremely snug and are incredibly difficult to shove into the case and remove it. Instead, the Straitjacket fits just snugly enough to give me the confidence that it will stay put, even through the most nasty of drops.


Despite the added protection of the case, the power button and the volume buttons are fairly easy to press, with just a bit more extra effort required to make it happen, and the mute switch is rather easy to access as well, as I’m not having to dig in with my finger to flip the switch, unlike most thicker cases.

As for the actual protection that the Straitjacket offers, it’s pretty much a barebones package, although many cases are nowadays anyway. You won’t get waterproof protection or dustproof protection, but you’ll at least get protection from accidental drops, as all edges of the device are covered with the case, and there’s even a small lip that extends past the screen so that if you place your iPhone 6 face down, you won’t scratch up the display.

The Straitjacket case for iPhone 6 is priced at $35 on Loop’s website, and it comes in black/gray, blue/black, red/black, white/gray, and white/mint color options.

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