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Streamline Expense Reports On The Go With Abukai



Submitting expense reports is one of the worst parts of business travel. Not only do you need to keep track of all your receipts, you also need to organize and enter them in company specific software when you get back — the last thing you need to do with an overflowing to do list and inbox waiting for you.

If you are looking for a simple way to keep track of your expense reports while you are traveling, you should check out the Abukai app for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry.

I tested out Abukai over the past few weeks, using the 30 day free trial, and found that it is easy to use and works like a charm.

Abukai App Demo on the iPhone:

Instead of keeping your receipts in your back pocket for the entire trip, you just take a snapshot of your receipts and then submit your expense report to Abukai. After it is processed, you’ll receive your expense report via email, complete with a pdf of your receipt images.

Abukai app

Abukai Expenses simplifies expense reports

The service can help categorize expenses and look up exchange rates if applicable. I was fresh out of receipts from foreign countries, so be sure to test this out during your trial if it is a needed feature.

If you have a small shop and excel works, you just need to forward the email along to your finance department. The format is pretty straight forward, and reportedly Abukai can customize the format for you.

If you use a service like Quicken or QuickBooks, the QFX, QBO and CSV files will come in handy. If you purchase a plan, you can get some help from Abukai in setting up your system.

Pricing starts at $120 a year for individuals and business can get in for a $95 one time setup fee and $99 a seat. There is custom pricing available for larger corporations that needed advanced customization. Definitely analyze your usage before buying because you only get 36, 10 receipt, submissions per account per year.

This is more than enough for my needs, but if you are a road warrior you may not be able to meet this limitation, which is unfortunately hidden away in a bunch of legalese.

Abukai is one of the easiest to use expense tracking solutions I have used in the mobile space. I have tested numerous mobile and desktop solutions over the years and really enjoy the ability to track expenses while mobile and receive an expense report I can forward to accounting that is ready as soon as I am done with a trip or project.

Abukai has turned an hour-long project into 10 minutes of double checking and emailing, which is a major accomplishment.

You can test out Abukai free for 30 days, including 3 (10 receipt) expense reports by downloading the mobile app on your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

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