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Students Discuss Basic Needs For Tablets



What better way to do market research than to ask students for their input on what they consider are important aspects of computers. Lenovo employed two interns over the summer who were very familiar with tabletPC’s and education. They created a head-to-head video comparison between their HP tablet and the Lenovo X61t. Being a tabletPC user in the education space myself, I have to agree with everything they say. There are parts where it does sound like a propaganda video for Lenovo but the students’ comments reflect real-world accounts of what OEM’s need to keep in mind when designing their next crop of tablets. Check out the video for a breakdown of their wants/needs/concerns after the jump.

I’d like to add battery life to the list of wants and needs. Sometimes plugging in isn’t the most practical thing to do in a large lecture hall or in the lab. Hopefully with the new implementation of Centrino 2, the ULV and LV processors will see even better battery life than what they are getting now.


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