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Mobile Changes Direction



Those who have been around Tablet PCs the past four to five years can remember growing out of a single forum thread from Tracy Hooten and Trevor Claiborne started the site as a dedicated source of information for students and Tablet PCs, and they were quite successful. The site has always been a great source of how-to’s for the student, and Tracy deserves huge kudos for the work she has done in maintaining it through the years, balancing exams, tests, internships, and a wedding.

As life has moved beyond the four years of college, Tracy has decided to move along, too, renaming the site to Endless Scholar and refocusing its content. It’s content will now center around learning, technology, new ways of thinking, and solving problems – for those who are “students for life”. According to Tracy, Tablet PCs will still be discussed, but it will no longer be a “focus” of the site. I’d encourage you to read Tracy’s announcement here.

Knowing Tracy the way I do, I have no doubt Endless Scholar will be a huge success and she will pour a tremendous amount of energy in to it. Keep watching for when the official change-over begins and be sure to subscribe to the RSS feed.

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