Stunning iPhone 7 Concept Teases New Look
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Stunning iPhone 7 Concept Teases New Look



The iPhone 7 release date is still a ways off, but new iPhone 7 photos and videos show a concept of what the new iPhone 7 could look like.

With each major iPhone release Apple changes the design of the new iPhone to differentiate and to deliver new features. We expect to see a completely new iPhone 7 in the future and thanks to creative minds we have an early look at one possible direction Apple could take.

In a few months we expect to see the new iPhone 6s release date arrive with a very similar look to the current iPhone 6, and a new iPhone 6s Plus as well. In 2016, shoppers will very likely find a new iPhone 7 that delivers a completely new look and a large feature upgrade alongside iOS 10.

These new iPhone 7 photos and videos show what the new iPhone could look like based on the creations from Ivo Marić and Tomislav Rastovac. This is a completely new iPhone 7 design, although the edges certainly look a bit like the Samsung Galaxy S6.

It is important to remember that this is not a leak and it is not a design from Apple. The iPhone concept simply shows us what an artist thinks the new iPhone might look like in 2016.

New photos show an amazing iPhone 7 concept.

New photos show an amazing iPhone 7 concept.

The key here is the date, as all signs point to the iPhone 6s release date this fall and a major revamp coming in 2016 as the iPhone 7. While some publications and individuals will use iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 interchangeably, we expect an iPhone 7 release date in late 2016, not in months.

As part of the concept video and photos we get a look at potential iPhone 7 specs and a new design. The specs listed below are not official, and merely represent the changes Apple is likely to make in a major release.

  • Sapphire Glass
  • QHD Retina Display
  • Apple A10 Processor
  • 16MP iSight Camera
  • Wireless Apple Dock for Charging and Syncing

The design shows off a glass back like on the iPhone 4 and metal edges that look similar to the Samsung Galaxy S6. At this stage in the game the iPhone 7 design is something that only a handful of people know, and that assumes it is final at this stage in the game.

If Apple’s security procedures remain in place, you can expect to see solid iPhone 7 photos appear around July 2016. This is when we first shared the iPhone 5 design and the timing also matches up with iPhone 6 leaks.

For more on the iPhone 7, check out our iPhone 7 rumor roundup that walks through when to expect the iPhone 7 release date and other important details about what could come in 2016.

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