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Supercharge Your iPhone Photos and Videos With This Bundle



Record better video with REC on iPhone.

The Camera+ app and the new REC app help you take better photos and record better-looking video. These apps offer more control over camera features and show you important information on the screen while you are using them.

I use my iPhone to take almost every photo in my life and to record most of our YouTube content. I’ve been using Camera+ and Camera+ 2 for years, and the new REC app looks like a great option for expanding my iPhone videography.

REC is really handy since it allows you to choose the lens, use automatic stabilization, pick a resolution, and frame rate. You can even set bit rate and choose the format. Another feature is to lock exposure and white balance when you start recording.

The controls for video are stellar, but what really shines to me is the option to control the microphone. You can choose the mic you want to use on your device. On the iPhone 11 Pro Max, I can pick the front, back, bottom, or external if I connect on. This also lets you control the gain, sample rate, and format. I love that you can see the microphone information on the screen while you are recording.

Control more settings on your iPhone with the REC app.

Controls are easy to use, with fast access to white balance, shutter speed, ISO, EV, and manual focus. You can also swap cameras and formats.

Another cool feature is that the videos are saved to the app so that you can review them before sending it to your editor of choice or your photo library.

REC is hosting a contest through August 23rd for the best 3-minute video shot with the REC app. The winners will get either a DJI Osmo Mobile 3 or a PolarPro Litechaser Pro Filmmaking Kit. Here’s more on the contest.

You can buy REC for $4.99 or you can get the Ultimate iPhoneography Bundle with REC and Camera+ 2 for $6.99 on sale.

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