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SwiftKey Keyboard 4.3 Arrives With Customization for any Screen Size



The popular third party keyboard replacement for Android called SwiftKey received a big update today, offering tons of features that have previously only been available for those in their beta testing program. Detailed back in October is the newly improved SwiftKey 4.3 update titled “Layouts for Living” that will bring ultimate customization.

As we all know, Android smartphones and tablets come in a variety of screen sizes and resolution, especially those from Samsung, and SwiftKey’s latest update will solve any and all problems for screen size. Available starting today this update will bring three different options for those in need when it comes to typing. No matter the device, screen size, or typing style.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 1.32.35 PMThey have integrated new options for split-keyboard views, side to side for large device, and made them completely customizable and movable. SwiftKey has always offered themes, but now you can theme it, split the keyboard, and move it wherever you see fit. It’s ultimate customization.

Users can re-size the keyboard for one-handed use on the Note 3 smartphone, or if you just have small hands and want it off to the side for an easier typing experience. The same relocation method moving it to any side will make tablet users happy as well. I find the split-view best for tablets, in the middle instead of on the bottom, as it’s easiest to access while holding a tab firmly with both hands. Here’s the new promo video for those interested in learning more.

The new update to 4.3 makes this already stellar keyboard even better, which shows considering it’s the number one 3rd party keyboard for Android. Fast and accurate predictions can now be done wherever, whenever, no matter the device or typing style. At least that’s what they’d like everyone to believe. Add this power to the recent addition of SwiftKey Cloud, and this app just keeps getting better and better.

This latest update also removes the need for users to have, download, and buy a separate keyboard for Android smartphones and another for tablets. It’s been combined into one easy to download and update app, so get it now from the Play Store.

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