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T-Mobile Event on October 29th Could Reveal Windows Phone 8 Details



T-Mobile will hold an event on the night of both Microsoft’s and Google’s big announcements on October 29 according to Engadget.

The T-Mobile event will take place a few hours after both events, and could possibly involve one or both of them. The event invite didn’t give any specifics as to what T-Mobile would talk about, only that it will hold a product launch event that evening.

T-Mobile will likely use the event to finally announce or discuss pricing and availability of its Windows Phone. T-Mobile will carry the Windows Phone 8X by HTC, the Nokia Lumia 810, and likely the WIndows Phone 8S by HTC. The carrier couldn’t discuss prices or release dates for any of the phones in previous announcements.


Earlier in the day, Microsoft will finally launch Windows Phone 8, and it’s expected that it will finally announce the release date of the mobile OS at the event. Windows Phone 8 will likely launch in early November.

A recently leaked T-Mobile roadmap put a November 14 release date on the Windows Phone 8X. It’s unclear if that’s the release date for all Windows Phones or just with 8X on T-Mobile.

Google’s event on October 29 will likely mark the launch of the LG Nexus 4 and potential other new Nexus devices. Last year’s Galaxy Nexus came to Verizon first in the U.S., but previous Nexus devices launched on T-Mobile. There’s a chance this year T-Mobile will get another Nexus device to sell in stores.

There’s also a possibility that this is an entirely different device, but let’s hope it isn’t.

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