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T-Mobile Galaxy Note Future Remains Unclear



T-Mobile released a statement regarding the disappearing act pulled by the Samsung Galaxy Note yesterday but unfortunately, the carrier did nothing to clear up the confusion regarding the two-week old device.

The carrier issued a statement to TMoNews which does little to assure consumers who bought the T-Mobile Galaxy Note and clarify the situation for those who are thinking about buying one.

Instead of confirming the device’s cancellation or denying that it is indeed taking the phone off of shelves, the carrier took a vague route in a likely attempt to sell more devices to consumers.

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T-Mobile did little to clear up the Galaxy Note situation.

Here is T-Mobile’s full statement:

“The Samsung Galaxy Note is currently out of stock online via however the device is still available for purchase at select T-Mobile retail stores.”

The odd thing is, the device isn’t even listed on the carrier’s website anymore. When most devices go out of stock, they are listed with an ‘Out of Stock’ label. The T-Mobile Galaxy Note has just vanished completely, without a trace, and without any sort of concrete explanation.

There are two troubling aspects to T-Mobile’s vague statement.

One, we still have no idea what’s going to happen to the Galaxy Note. Will T-Mobile replenish stock? Is it canceled? Is the carrier opting to release the Galaxy Note 2 which is set for an August 29th launch? T-Mobile’s statement explains nothing. Furthermore, the carrier states that it’s still in stores, but only “select” ones.

We assume that could be code for “when stock runs out, it won’t be replenished” but we can’t be sure.

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And two, what happens to those who did buy the Galaxy Note from T-Mobile? Even though the device is canceled? Do they still receive support? Is the Jelly Bean update still coming? Can they return it if the Galaxy Note 2 is coming?

T-Mobile has a history of doing this as well. It did something similar with the T-Mobile G2X last year where it danced around the issues that kept the device out of stock.

Frankly, T-Mobile owes customers, especially those who bought the device, a better explanation. The statement it issued today just isn’t going to cut it.

Hopefully, the carrier releases a more concrete, more compassionate statement soon.

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