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T-Mobile Galaxy S 4G Priced Under $150 at Walmart With Contract



A leaked advertisement for the forthcoming Galaxy S/Vibrant refresh from T-Mobile USA known as the Galaxy S 4G has been leaked showing Walmart’s price for the 4G HSPA+ Android smartphone to be $148.88 with a two-year service agreement. The contract-free option for the phone will be priced at $650. These prices may be specific to Walmart and may not indicate what T-Mobile or other retailers are expected to charge for the smartphone, but does give a good indication of the phone’s overall price.

The Galaxy S 4G is expected as a refresh to the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile’s network. The Vibrant is a Galaxy S variant that launched as a 3G smartphone with its 1 GHz Hummingbird processor and 4-inch Super AMOLED display; the Galaxy S 4G is expected to succeed the Vibrant while adding support for the carrier’s 4G HSPA+ network.

Via:  Android-Life

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