T-Mobile LG G2X Gingerbread Build Caught on Video
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T-Mobile LG G2X Gingerbread Build Caught on Video



T-Mobile had promised that an operating system update to take the Android 2.2 handset up to Android 2.3 Gingerbread will be forthcoming, and it looks like that may happen soon as Gingerbread was seen running on a G2X. This is my next caught an early glimpse of the Gingerbread build for the handset, and it looks like the major features of Gingerbread are there coupled with LG’s and T-Mobile’s added apps.

Of note, however, the build that’s present in the video is Android 2.3.3, which isn’t the newer Android 2.3.4 that supports video chat on Google Talk.

The build improves touchscreen sensitivity and improves on performance. Unfortunately, though, the camera app uses the native Gingerbread camera UI developed by Google and not the more polished LG-designed camera experience found on the current Android 2.2 Froyo build that the handset was released with.

Thus far, an official release date for the firmware update is not known, but given that the leaked build looks to be working pretty smoothly, hopefully it will be soon.

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