T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Vanishes

The T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note has vanished at T-Mobile without explanation and it apparently has disappeared from stock at a few retailers as well.

Over the past day or so, we’ve heard from several consumers who have told us the Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile has up and vanished from T-Mobile’s website and the website’s of Walmart, Costco and Wirefly. T-Mobile has yet to indicate why the device has vanished from its online store and why it is no longer available at several well-known retailers.

Oddly enough, the device remains available through Samsung and through Best Buy.

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The T-Mobile Galaxy Note has vanished.

TMoNews was the first to notice that the device was missing.

On August 8th, T-Mobile finally launched the original 5.3-inch Galaxy Note after a long wait. And now, oddly enough, just a few weeks later, the device has seemingly disappeared without a trace.

Conspiracy theories are abound as to why the Galaxy Note has up and left T-Mobile’s website and why it has become unavailable at several others.

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With the Samsung Galaxy Note II on the horizon for August 29th, it’s possible that T-Mobile decided to can the device in favor of the new model.

However, a more likely theory is that the device is just simply out of stock. That doesn’t really explain the fact that the Galaxy Note has vanished completely from T-Mobile’s site though. If it was out of stock, the carrier would likely label it as such.

So, it would appear that consumers are in the midst of a mystery and it’s possible that the plot could thicken at some point in the near future when T-Mobile finally decides to address the situation.

Thus far though, T-Mobile and the retailers who have sold out of the device remain silent leaving consumers to wonder just what is going on with the T-Mobile Galaxy Note.

Anyone out there discouraged by the news?


  1. somegayusername

    08/23/2012 at 4:17 pm

    i just got off the phone with t-mobile customer service the samsung galaxy note willbe back in stock on the 31st of august.


  2. twospirits

    08/23/2012 at 6:21 pm

    Many thought that their decision to carry the 1st gen Note so late in the game and so close to the 2nd Gen Note coming was a mistake.
    This just indicates that they realize that mistake and will be one of the carriers that will offer the 2nd Gen Note along side Sprint, AT&T and Verizon.

    My only question is what happens to all those that bought the 1gen Note on T-Mobile. I am sure they will get upset especially since I doubt they can return that note for the newer one.



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