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T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z Launch Could Come Tomorrow



The heavily rumored launch of the T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z could take place as soon as tomorrow with a new teaser video suggesting that T-Mobile has something smartphone and water resistant related up its sleeve for tomorrow.

For the past few weeks, T-Mobile has been rumored to be a carrier of the Sony Xperia Z, Sony’s flagship Android smartphone that first launched at CES 2013 and has been released in regions around the world not called the United States. Earlier this year, Sony CEO Kaz Hirai announced that the phone would be heading to a U.S. carrier very soon though he declined to elaborate on which carrier it might be.

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The Sony Xperia Z could arrive on T-Mobile tomorrow.

The Sony Xperia Z could arrive on T-Mobile tomorrow.

Evidence has suggested that it will be T-Mobile USA that gets the Sony Xperia Z. In fact, T-Mobile’s own website recently outed Sony Xperia Z support documents that support rumors of a launch.

Today, T-Mobile posted a video with the tag line: What if your smartphone could do this? The YouTube video depicts a man diving into a pool with a smartphone and filming himself underwater. The Sony Xperia Z of course is both dust and water resistant and can be taken to depths of up to one meter without any damage.

Underneath the video, the carrier says that the video was “shot with a smartphone…underwater” and that interested parties should check out T-Mobile’s website and Facebook page for details tomorrow.

While it’s not a given, this appears to be a tease for a Sony Xperia Z launch. Yes, it could be something entirely different but given the rumors and given that Sony’s CEO said it would arrive soon, it’s hard to dispute at this point.

If true, the Sony Xperia Z would join a roster that already includes the HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S4, and iPhone 5, all top-flight smartphones. However, the Sony Xperia Z will be able to hold its own thanks to a stellar glass design, 5-inch 1080p display, near-vanilla Android, 13MP camera and more.

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