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Will HTC Make G-Slate Tablet for T-Mobile USA?



T-Mobile USA has filed for several trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the names G-Surf, G-Slate, and Reader’s Cafe. The first two, bearing the “G” branding, may represent an expansion to the company’s G-line, which comprises to date of the T-Mobile G1 and G2 Android smartphones; the G-line is more of a Google experience line without carrier or OEM customizations, unlike the myTouch line that comes with HTC Sense, a proprietary user interface and experience created on top of Android.

It’s still unclear what the G-Surf and G-Slate are, though one can assume that a G-Slate would be T-Mobile’s answer to a potential MOTO PAD on Verizon Wireless. The company’s trademark application was filed for “cellular phones and cellular-enabled tablet computers.”

As HTC traditionally has a strong relationship with T-Mobile, it’s unclear if the OEM will be making the G-Surf and G-Slate for the carrier. To date, HTC has made all products under the G-line and the myTouch line for T-Mobile USA.

Reader’s Cafe, as it’s name implies, will be a service for e-books and digital content. The patent filing is an “online retail store services featuring downloadable audio works, visual works, audiovisual works, computer software, and electronic publications featuring books, magazines, newspapers, periodicals, newsletters, journals and manuals on a variety of topics provided via global computer networks, wireless networks, and electronic communications networks.”

If the Reader’s Cafe debuts as intended, it would place T-Mobile in a competitive digital pool that’s crowded by Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Borders, Google, and others.

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