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Tablets at Work: State of the Tablet Infographic



The iPad and new Android tablets are joining the various special Tablet PCs which have been in enterprises for years to form a new workplace that is embracing the tablet with amazing speed.

A new infographic from SocialCast gathers an impressive array of information about tablet use in the workplace into an interesting infographic.

Some of the most interesting information revolves around the fast adoption of Tablets like the iPad, as well as how people are using the tablets in the workplace.

tablet use in business infographic

How Tablets Are Used In the Enterprise

An astonishing 72% of enterprises are using tablets in some fashion, and 62% of survey respondents use their tablet for business multiple times a day. While slates like the iPad 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 fight the stigma of being primarily for fun, users are getting work done on their tablets.

Email is the number one activity at work, with web use and presentations coming in second and third. As expected, content creation isn’t a primary activity on the tablet yet. You may be surprised that taking notes comes in so low, but if you compare the iPad or android not taking experience to that of a Windows Tablet PC or of real pen and paper, the current crop of consumer tablets can’t keep up.

While tablet sales are expected to overtake notebooks in 2012, according to some estimates, the devices aren’t ready to replace notebooks just yet. That said, an astonishing 27% of survey respondents think the tablet can replace their notebook at work. Base don personal experience this is wishful thinking for many employees, but it could happen for some jobs, with the right amount of accessories.




  1. MarketingXD

    09/03/2011 at 1:25 pm

    Please remove the Global Tablet OS Shipments section, as it does not accurately reflect the state of the tablet PC market. For example, “Samsung Galaxy Tab sold just 20,000 out of 1m shipped”

  2. Tablets at Work

    01/26/2012 at 12:59 pm

    Here’s another great Tablets at Work infographic – The State of Tablet Adoption at Work:

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