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Taptronome is a Beautiful iPhone Metronome App



Taptronome is a new gesture based Metronome for iPhone that allows users to quickly adjust the tempo with one hand and there is VoiceOver support for blind musicians.

Musicians can use the Taptronome iPhone app to carry a metronome on their person at all time and control it with gestures and taps. 

The app is first and foremost a beautifully designed iPhone metronome, but it is also designed to deliver accessibility to blind iPhone users with VoiceOver support.

Taptronome is an iPhone metronome app that works with one hand and is also VoiceOver compatible.

Taptronome is an iPhone metronome app that works with one hand and is also VoiceOver compatible.

Taptronome is available as a free ad-supported version and as Taptronome Pro with no ads for $2.99

One-handed operation allows musicians to quickly change-up the tempo without putting their instruments down or juggling for two-handed use.

Swipe up or down with a finger to change the temp faster or slower. A swipe left or right will adjust the time signature and users can also tap to set the temp. The option to tap a tempo is handy for bringing a beat in your head to a beat that you can follow on your iPhone.

Watch the video below to see Taptronome in action with gesture controls and a double tap to start.

On the iPhone users who cannot see the screen can triple click the home button and the iPhone will describe everything on the screen, allowing a blind or visually impaired musician to set up and use Taptronome as their iPhone metronome. VoiceOver is an iPhone feature that users can enable and that works inside third-party apps like this as well as the iPhone system. 

The company describes the iPhone metronome app as, “Useful for students, musicians, and composers alike, Taptronome is always handy and ready to help you keep time. Learn to play a tricky piece, keep your bandmates on beat, and find your rhythm.”

Options include custom tones, actual musical notes and a silent mode. Users can choose to turn on subdivisions or to accent the first note.

An Apple Watch version of the app is in the works, but the company did not announce a specific arrival for the Apple Watch metronome.

1 Comment

1 Comment

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